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Using clothesline technology to keep cows healthy in sheds.

Shed ventilation has a major influence on animal performance, with inadequate ventilation frequently raised as being an underlying contributor to significant health issues.

Lennon Lines founder, Noel Lennon, says "A relatively new louvre system can provide enhanced airflow into sheds and could be the answer to cutting down on health issues and improving animal performance."

The louvre system has the ability to provide improved ventilation while preventing rainfall from entering the shed

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The Louvre System

We have over 13 years’ experience perfecting the louvre system for our range of clotheslines and one thing is for sure, if they did not work or were letting in rain we would not still be in business.

We have seen instances in blizzards or storms where strong winds might blow in some snow or light moisture but, in general, there is complete protection.

We have a product that will stand the test of time.


The machine used to roll the louvre is the only one of its kind in the world and it can roll any length of a louvre. The machine rolls the louvre from a large steel coil to any length. The steel sheet is 0.7mm thick and is galvanised and painted. 


The most common colour is slate grey, followed by green and brown, but a range of other colours can also be supplied.

The box iron can be cut to whatever length is required and brackets will then fit inside the box iron, avoiding the need for brackets to be welded on to the box iron and interfering with galvanising and protection of the steel.


This mechanism also allows the box iron to be cut to whatever length is desired to easily fit different openings.

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The louvre system pictured has 10mm unobstructed openings with the louvres fastened on box iron at four points across the one-bay opening.

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The level of light coming into the shed is greater than standard vented sheeting

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