The All Weather Clothes Line and Greenhouse is a 12ft 6” x 6ft 6” line plus 5ft x 6ft 6” greenhouse, a total length of 17ft 6”. This unit combines the benefits of clothes drying and gardening in a neat and mobile unit. This unit allows you to dry your clothes even when it is raining, saving you money and electricity as you will have no need to use your tumble dryer!

  • 12ft 6"x 6ft 6" =  70ft of hanging space / holds approx 2 to 3 washes

  • Mobile (four wheels fitted – with brakes)

  • Galvanised Dipped (will not rust)

  • Covered with heavy duty corrugated plastic sheeting

  • Safe edges (no danger to little one’s fingers)

  • 5ft x 6ft 6” Greenhouse area has a raised floor area and is shelved making it an ideal greenhouse and potting shed for the avid or novice gardener.

While our lines are fitted with wheels for ease of movement we recommend that the four legs of your line should be placed on a hard surface such as concrete and bolted down securely to ensure stability in high winds / stormy weather conditions. 10mm Bolts are provided.

Our delivery team will be happy to bolt down your line on request.

All Weather Clothes Line & Greenhouse